RV insurance

Extended Warranty

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

World Wide RV offers an Extended Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Protection Plan through Redex Care and The Choice. This plan is offered on all new Motor Homes, Fifth Wheels, and Travel Trailers for up to 6 years; on pre-owned Motorized RV’s and pre-owned Towable RV’s up to 3 years.

Redex Care and The Choice offer different levels of coverage to fit your needs and budget:

• Supreme Coverage
• Deluxe Coverage
• Coach Coverage
• Powertrain Coverage.

Whether driving across country or across town, it’s peace of mind to know that your Extended Protection Plan will be there if you need it. Many people choose to finance their new RV with World Wide RV and purchase credit life insurance to protect their spouse and family from a tragic financial burden due to loss of life. This protection may be purchased with a single premium credit life insurance policy. The term of this policy may be custom tailored to meet your needs regardless of how many years you finance your RV. Please call the World Wide RV Business Office at 800.398.5251 for additional information.

What is Gap insurance?

Gap insurance will insure one for the difference between what one would owe on a vehicle and what an insurance company says it's worth. This insurance is a must for someone who is considering purchasing a new RV since a new RV depreciates right after it is driven off the lot. What does Gap insurance cover? Gap insurance usually covers accidents and thefts.

Tire Choice Road Hazard Protection Plan

RV tires and wheels are very expensive to replace. A blowout or a bent wheel could cost you dearly in lost time and money. Tire Choice is protection plan for your RV tires and wheels. A no-deductible seven-year plan fills the gap in tire and wheel coverage that your factory or extended warranty does not cover. Without any pro-ration or deductible, this warranty will pay for the repair or replacement of your RV tires or rims should they be damaged by a road hazard. Whatever wheel damage you may encounter on the road – nails, potholes, debris, or something unseen – Tire Choice will cover the cost of replacement or repair as well as all balancing and sales tax charges. You may not be able to prevent tire damage from happening, but you can be ready for it with a tire guard Protections Plan from Tire Choice. Call the World Wide RV Business Office more information.

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